Capalaba Deserves Better

Are you fed up with Alex Hills, Birkdale, Capalaba, Thorneside, and Wellington Point missing out on State infrastructure spending and agree that the area deserves better representation from your State MP?

Then please Vote 1 Paul Branagan Independent candidate for Capalaba.

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Paul Branagan, Independent candidate for Capalaba

Who is Paul Branagan

My name is Paul Branagan, and I am asking for your help to bring about the change we need here in Capalaba, and in Qld as a whole.

With an Honours Degree in Government, I currently work as a Consultant for both a national Merger & Acquisition company and for a local Real Estate company here in the Redlands. Previously I have held senior commercial roles both in Australia and overseas.

In addition I have had significant exposure working with the community sector, particularly through my involvement in the award-winning homeless charity The Big Issue and through my work with local Bayside causes such as the Redlands Annual Charity Day, for which I was immensely proud to have been nominated as 2018 Redlands Citizen of the Year. It is when you work at the grass roots level in this great community of ours that you understand what is really needed, and people get to see what you actually do, not just hear empty promises.

With my wife and daughter I have been fortunate to live in this wonderful part of the world for nearly 18 years. My family and I regularly attend Mary Mackillop Catholic Church, school functions (where I have served as President of Mary Mackillop School P and F Committee) and other local community events. I am also involved in local sporting clubs such as the Capalaba Bulldogs Football Club and am a member of Capalaba Sports Club and the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.

A Balanced Independent

It's time to vote for a balanced independent that will deliver better representation for residents.

We are blessed to live in such a wonderful place, but we need to fight to get more local jobs, more local infrastructure, and more local opportunities for everybody.

It’s what Capalaba deserves! It’s what you deserve!

Make your vote count

I believe that with respect for many Australian political parties at an all-time low, a fresh approach is needed. One focused on respecting all voters and on achieving for Capalaba the investment it deserves.

I am not a ‘career politician’, but as a father, a husband and a member of the small business community I appreciate exactly what is required, and I believe I have the experience to help this area achieve greater things.


Paul Branagan, Independent candidate
As the gateway to the Redlands, our community needs more infrastructure spending so transport across the city can catch up with the booming housing developments of recent years. Billions are being spent on road and rail projects elsewhere, but here in Capalaba we have seen virtually no investment in infrastructure projects. As a priority we need to see Eastern Busway delivered (not yet another study!) and a plan put in place for the upgrade of the ‘misery’ rail line so we too can benefit from the Cross River Rail project.
It is nearly 2021 yet schools across our region remain without air-conditioning. How do we expect kids in our community (and their teachers) to perform to an optimum level in those conditions? I propose that all air conditioning in every State MP’s office is disconnected until every classroom in QLD has air conditioning. Let’s get our MP’s focused on the things that really matter.
The LNP removed the gates from our local Dam and seem only focused now on dams in North Qld. The ALP refuse to put the gates back on. Meanwhile water from the dam spills out creating local flooding in a country beset by drought! We need to get this local infrastructure fixed and this will only happen when it stops being a political football for the two main parties.
The residents of Capalaba (and the Redlands as a whole), deserve their fair share of health funding. It is time to stop playing politics with Redlands Hospital. Whether it be the lack of carparking or the lack of sufficient beds - something needs to be done. No more unfulfilled pre-election promises. Real action is needed now!
Capalaba is the Commercial centre of the Redlands and to help local businesses expand and create more job opportunities for Redlanders, we need to give them every assistance. This includes, in addition to the congestion busting measures outlined under ‘Infrastructure’, access to faster and more consistent internet speeds, fast tracking the redevelopment of the central Capalaba area, and demanding that we get a fair share of the QLD Government jobs that are being relocated out of Brisbane CBD. Together we can work to supercharge this region.

Common Sense Principles



Politicians need to serve the people, but too many, in all political parties, see a seat in parliament as a means to help themselves rather than the people they represent. A new and more transparent system of accountability needs to be brought in for State politicians with greater punishment for transgressions. And when a Minister’s department is not performing, they need to be held to account. It can no longer be acceptable for politicians to flaunt the rules with scant oversight, or to disappear from sight when serious failings at their own department are uncovered, as happened recently with the Department of Child Safety.

Collaboration not conflict

This State electorate of Capalaba needs a local MP that can work collaboratively at both a Federal and Council level to achieve the best outcomes for our residents. Let us move away from the current antagonistic relationship where even State Koala Habitat mapping, has been beset by issues of non-communication from the local MP.

Paul Branagan, Independent candidate

Fairer Funding

The Redlands is a growing, thriving community and it is time we were recognised in Qld State budgets. There should be no more hiding of funding levels (or the lack of them) in the overall Brisbane or Metro South numbers. Redlands deserves to be recognised and to have the transparency to see exactly what state governments are delivering for them.

Law & Order

QLD no longer wants to be left wondering why some criminals are allowed to reoffend time and again, often while on bail, while the penalties for crimes against some of our most vulnerable residents do not reflect community expectations. We need our state government to be tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime. We need less random and inadequate sentencing combined with increased funding for youth intervention programs, more funding for restorative justice for low level youth criminals, and increased funding for mental health programs. And we need our local MP to stand up for victims of crime, not to vote against measures that will help protect our kids. (As he did in March 2019, when he voted against a Queensland Child Sex Offenders Register. It is every parent’s right to know if they are living next door to a convicted child sexual predator).


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